What Makes a Great Logo?

A company’s logo is a visual representation of a business. They help companies differentiate themselves from one another, establish the company’s brand, and foster familiarity between businesses and their customers.

Long story short: logos are an essential part of branding.

Though you may know the importance of a solid logo, that doesn’t make designing one any easier. If you’re establishing a brand (or rebranding), logo design can be one of the most difficult tasks you face as a business owner.

Every logo is different, but great logos all share similar characteristics.

A great logo is simple and memorable.
Think about the logos of some of the most recognizable brands: the Nike swoosh, Apple’s bitten apple, and McDonald’s golden arches. They’re simple, yet bold, and instantly identifiable. Though you see these logos everywhere, they stay in your mind because they’re so uncomplicated and easy to remember.

Though your logo doesn’t have to follow the ultra-minimalist trend popular in today’s branding and logo design, the rule of thumb for a great logo is that customers should be able to pick up a piece of paper and draw your logo from memory alone.

A great logo aligns with the company.
Your logo and subsequent branding should represent your company. For example, Apple’s logo is a literal apple. Your logo doesn’t have to be a play on your company’s name, as it can reference its products or services, like the way Nike’s swoosh is s to represent the speed of its running shoes.

Some logos may seem nonsensical, but their whimsy should have a meaning behind them. For instance, Starbucks’ siren has little to do with coffee, but is representative of the company’s nautical, port city roots—Starbucks was founded in Seattle—giving the logo personality.

A great logo is versatile.
Though you may have a few different versions of your logo to use in various branding situations, a truly great logo can be used anywhere, to the point that you only need one. Your logo should read through all mediums—your website, business cards, social media profile photos, billboards, you name it—while still maintaining its integrity. This means that no matter where your logo has been placed, it is still easily identifiable.

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