UI vs. UX: Benefits of UI/UX Design

UI Design

UI stands for User Interface. The interface consists of all of the items that a user interacts with on the website’s graphical layout. A UI designer decides what the app or website is going to look like. The colors, fonts, button shapes, images, page transitions, etc. are all up to a UI designer. These designers typically have a background in graphic design and are concerned with aesthetics above all else.

UX Design

UX stands for User Experience. The user experience is determined by the ease of navigation on the app or website. UX designers are also working on the interface, which is why the two are often hand in hand, but instead of focusing on looks first, they’re concerned with functionality. They want to ensure that the interface is organized in a way that is easy to use.

The Benefits of UI/UX Design

1. Establishes Credibility

Nothing makes a company look more professional than an expertly designed website. Having a stellar UI/UX product design shows users that you are competent enough and cared enough to build an amazing website, leading them to believe your products/services will be of the same great quality.

2. Aids in Gaining and Retaining Customers

With the number of high-quality websites and apps today, users aren’t going to waste their time with clunky or unappealing interfaces anymore. Having a friendly-user, intuitive, and visually interesting website or app design will turn leads into loyal, returning customers.

3. Designers with Expertise in their Field

Attempting to design a website without prior experience is time-consuming, confusing, and often results in a less-than-perfect final product design. By hiring UI/UX designers you’re guaranteeing that these professionals are experts in their field and will deliver a fantastic final product.

4. Create Seamless Workflow

Having a cohesive website not only helps customer interaction but employees as well. Your team will be able to complete tasks relating to the interface more efficiently and effectively.

UI/UX or also known as Product Design is quite the task for a business owner or traditional graphic designer to take on.  Schedule a call today and let our experts at RIDIL Group help you build a website or mobile app that not only looks great but functions well!