Slogan: What is a Slogan and Tips on Developing a Great One

I bet you can identify which brand is being referenced with the simple phrase “Just Do It”. How about “Taste the Rainbow”? These are called slogans in the marketing world.

What is a Slogan?

A slogan also referred to as a tagline, is a short sentence that serves as a catchphrase for your brand. It is intended to capture the audience’s attention and give them a slightly more specific idea of what your brand Is all about, beyond just a name and logo.

Qualities of a Great Slogan


A slogan isn’t the place to deep dive into your brand’s purpose, mission, and all that jazz. To accommodate people’s ever-shortening attention spans, your slogan should be one short sentence. Try to stick to 3-5 words at most.


Your slogan should reflect your brand’s personality in the simplest way possible. Audiences should have an immediate idea of your brand’s identity from reading it.


Audiences will scroll right past a passive slogan. To make your slogan catchy and memorable, use powerful language and action verbs that project confidence and urgency.

5 Tips on Developing a Great Slogan

1. Start with the Long Version

Write down everything you want people to know about your brand. What problems does your product/service solve? How are you better than competitors? What is your brand’s purpose?

2. Simplify it to one message

Once you have everything down on paper, find the common denominators and consolidate it into one message. It doesn’t have to be artfully written yet, just the most basic form of what you want your slogan to say.

3. Talk to your target audience

Keep your target audience in mind. How do you want them to view your brand? Like a friend? An authority figure? And what do you want them to think of your product/service?

4. Use your brand voice

It’s important for branding to stay consistent. So, use brand voice when creating your slogan so it sounds cohesive.

5. Generate ideas and test them out

Start writing down ideas and test the top 5 of them on friends, family, and strangers. People you trust will give you an honest opinion. There should be a clear winner from these surveys, and that’s your slogan!

We understand that a lot goes into creating the perfect slogan for your business. Need some help?  Schedule a call today to learn about the next steps on creating your company slogan.