Bootstrap: What is it and Why is it Helpful in Web Design?

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of web design, you may have heard of Bootstrap. With the number of buzzwords thrown around in the web development world, you may not have given it another thought. However, Bootstrap may be exactly the tool you need to streamline your design process.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a web app development toolkit. It essentially allows users to skip the step of writing a ton of CSS code by offering reusable pieces of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. It includes a frontend development framework that makes designing a responsive website much quicker and easier.

Why is Bootstrap Helpful in Web Design?

To non-web developers, this may sound like a bunch of techy mumbo jumbo. So, let’s break down how bootstrap actually speeds up and optimizes the web design process, in laymen’s terms.

1. It’s simple to use

Bootstrap is very simple to use, as far as web development goes. While having experience or at least basic knowledge of code will be helpful, even beginners can tackle a project with Bootstrap and come out successful.

2. It Saves a Ton of Time

Since Bootstrap offers you design templates and themes to start working with, it saves you all the time of developing that code yourself. Additionally, Bootstrap automatically applies alterations to all webpages, which can save hours of manually editing each individual page.

3. The Grid is Mobile-Friendly

A big “must-have” in web design right now is responsiveness. A responsive design is one that automatically adjusts to any screen, be it mobile, laptop, or PC. Bootstrap’s grid is responsive, meaning it’s adaptable to all devices.

4. You Can Customize the Templates

Other web design toolkits do not offer much customization beyond their pre-made templates. Luckily, with Bootstrap you can customize the web design as much or little as you like to fit your needs.

5. There’s a Whole Community

Bootstrap users get the support of an entire community of developers. The Bootstrap blog is constantly providing the latest updates to the framework, and community members can find inspiration or show off their work on the Bootstrap Expo page!

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